Quality Power Distribution Units(PDUs)

Providing Quality Power Distribution Units in Lagos, Nigeria

Looking for Rack mounted PDUs for your Server Rooms or Data Centers in Lagos, Nigeria? Need  Switched, Metered, Managed or Intelligent PDUs? Horizontal or Vertical Mounting, Tripplite or APC equivalent, Miscellaneous Socket Types? …..We have them all!

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PDUs in Lagos
PDUs in Lagos
PDUs in Lagos
PDUs in Lagos
PDUs in Lagos

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Quaility PDUs. Long Lasting  Power Distribution Units

The most cost-effective PDU solution for any data center is the NEXION PDUs. It allows you to share power across multiple devices without consuming excess energy or taking up valuable floor space. Using the most advanced technologies, it’s the only scalable, space-efficient solution on the market today.

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Office Spaces Fitted

All-In-One Experience

The PDUs have durable casings that withstand bumps and shock. Each unit can monitor the load on your network devices, notify you if something is wrong, and then power those devices down automatically to prevent damage.

Optimal Performance

Created by Nexion Networking with years of experience in energy saving products, the PDUs feature an automatic load-shed feature which reduces the wattage consumed by the sited equipment when not in use

Durable Products

The Power distribution Units from Nexion networking is a brand new generation of PDU. It features a robust metal case and adjustable power ports for cutting-edge efficiency at a competitive price. Comes with non-skid pad, overload protection, and surge suppression.

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Mix and match your PDU to your satisfaction
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Mix & match socket types to your satisfaction
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Surge protection is a must on all Nexion PDUs

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