Power distribution units (PDUs)- 6 Factors to Consider when buying PDUs

The electrical power distribution units (PDUs) help to monitor and distribute power to electronic devices and are typically used in commercial buildings.

There are 6 factors to consider when buying a power distribution units (PDUs) :

1. Power rating. The power rating of the power distribution units (PDUs)  indicates how many amps it can handle. This is measured in watts (W), kilowatts (kW), or megawatts (MW). A PDU with a 500 amp power rating will be able to transmit up to 500 amps of current at any given time.

2. Load rating. Load ratings are used to determine how much load a PDU can handle without overloading or damaging the unit. For example, if you want to run an air conditioner on your home’s main circuit, you need to look for a PDU that has a 20 amp load rating or more so that it can handle the amount of current that your air conditioner needs from the circuit breaker box.

3. size of your PDU rack: If you have a small rack and want to upgrade it, then it might be wise to purchase a larger unit. If you have a large rack and are looking to upgrade it, then it might be best to start with an even larger unit than what you currently have.

4. Power Factor Correction (PFC): The PFC expresses the power factor of the connected load. For example, if you have a computer in your home with an efficiency rating of 80%, this means that 80% of the energy used by the computer is converted into usable power and 20% is lost as heat or waste heat. A good power distribution unit (PDUs)  will have a PFC of 0.99 or better, which guarantees a 99% power factor. If you use more than one device at a time, it’s important to keep their combined power factor under 0.99 so they don’t interfere with each other’s operation!

5. Grounding: When we plug something into an outlet, it creates a connection between our electrical circuit and the neutral wire in the outlet — which is also known as ground or earth. In most countries, this is called “safety ground.” If you’re going to use power strips or surge protectors in your home, always make sure they have safety grounds on all their outlets!

6. Surge Protection: Surge protection devices protect your devices from sudden surges caused by lightning strikes or other accidents that could damage them (or you!). They should also be able to protect against burnout

Choose the correct PDU to optimize power efficiency, ease of installation and maintenance, and effective use of floor space so your business has a robust IT infrastructure.

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