What is a Power Distribution Unit PDU?

What is a Power Distribution Unit (PDU)?

The Power Distribution Unit (PDU) provides multiple electrical sockets. The PDU sockets can be the same type of socket or different country/specification sockets. They are more relevant in Data Centres or Server Rooms when connecting different types of equipment from multiple sources.

Have you ever had the problem of having many pieces of equipment that you have to plug into electrical sockets at the same time? And usually in the same place? Not to mention buying quality equipment with different types of plugs and you cannot find the right socket to plug them. In Data Centres or Server Rooms, additional challenges are faced in power protection, monitoring, control and management situations.

This kind of scenario can be mind-numbing and daunting especially if you cannot think of a solution. Normally, you find one or two sockets around, yet you have so many items to plug. Do you opt for additional wiring or sockets? Very unsightly, time-consuming and expensive. Or do you buy extension sockets? Most of the time, they are very unreliable and of low quality.

The solution is the Power Distribution Unit (or PDU). The PDU is a device fitted with multiple sockets designed to distribute electric power quickly and efficiently wherever the need arises.

The PDU finds a perfect niche in Data Centres and Server Rooms because of its flexibility in providing multiple sockets. The number of sockets depends on your need. This determines the “number of ways” of the PDU that you need.

PDUs can come with different types of sockets. When using our NEXION PDU, you can mix and match different countries/specifications.  Power protection, monitoring, control and management solutions can also be provided. For all these, NEXION PDU is the ultimate solution.

In today’s business environment, efficient power supply to the different equipment is key to the success or otherwise of the business. For the effective running of the office, equipment room, Data Centre, Server Room or anywhere you find a cluster of equipment, it is not negotiable. The growth and performance are directly impacted by the quality and efficiency of its power distributing system.

Whether in homes, offices, Data Centres, or Server Rooms, Power Distribution Units, PDUs are relied on to improve power management efficiency, uptime, and growth.

The NEXION PDU comes with a novel design that combines reliable quality with reasonable prices and high-quality after-sales services.

Have problems with space in your network equipment rack or cabinet? Have problems fixing that equipment in your rack? NEXION PDUs come in different sizes to suit your rack requirement. They can come as 2U, 1.5U or 1U rack heights to give maximum freedom. NEXION PDUs come as either Vertical Mounting or Horizontal Mounting to give the user more flexibility.

Did you order that equipment from abroad and you received it with a power plug that is different? To make things worse, there is no recognizable socket that you can use. The solution is with NEXION Power Distribution Units (PDU). We provide different types of country sockets depending on the customer’s needs. Our PDUs can come with British, American, French, German, Australian, Chinese or the Universal socket styles.

NEXION PDUs offer all these advantages and many more. For these, we offer lifetime support for our NEXION Power Distribution Units (PDUs) – if it fails we fix it throughout the lifetime of the PDU. Visit our website www.nexionnetworking.com or https://www.numeriquelimited.com/product-category/power-distribution-units-pdus/ to learn more about NEXION PDUs and the different facilities and options we offer on our PDUs.

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